Inspiration Book

Updated: Feb 22, 2018

"THE GREAT FEELINGS", by Frederique Lombart

transmission, collaboration, cration, sharing

Acquisition of 14 young people's knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary for the understanding and management of emotions, fixation and attaining Positive objectives, the faculty of empathy, reintegration, establishment and maintenance positive reporting and responsible decision making through this project. Opera is a total art that brings together music, song, theater, visual arts and dance. In each work, all the components of opera combine their expressiveness and their beauty. This complex alchemy makes each performance an extraordinary sight, monopolizing the sight, the hearing, the imagination and the public sensitivity, where all human passions are at stake. The students are all suffering. Opera, literature, music allows, through heroes, works, to identify, to talk about oneself with modesty and think.

Discover the book (PDF), in French : here